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I am seeking INTERVIEW'S with TOP NAME established LA Pro MUSICIANS & Metal Bands, Email me!

Musicians Institute
Hollywood, California
Click Here

My Photo Album - Click Here!

I currently play  6 Bass Guitars.

Roscoe Custom Bass (A Beautiful Bass)
Jackson Flying V (Custom).
Red BC Rich Warlock.
Black BC Rich Warlock.
Spector Bass.
Peavey Cirrus 5 String

Jackson Guitars, Click Here.
BC Rich Guitars, Click Here. Spector Basses, Click Here. Peavey Cirrus 5 String, Click Here.
AMPEG STACK, Speaker setup, 4-10 plus a 15, sounds like HELL is at your front door, with the MESA BOOGIE Head! A Powerful and clean Audio System. This bad ass system is almost 1100 watts of pure kick ass power.

MESA BOOGIE, Click Here.
AMPEG, Click Here.

A Special Thanks goes out to Keith Roscoe for the fantactic upgrade to my Custom Make Roscoe bass.
He makes in my opinion the worlds best basses available anywhere!

Click on the logo below to visit Keith at Roscoe Guitars.

I use Earnie Ball Super Slinky Strings, EMG and Bartolini pick up's.

Scott Kessler

Phone Number:

30 Yr's

Chino Hills, California



Musicians Institute, Hollywood, California

Sex, Bass Collecting, Sex, Fishing, Sex on the beach.

Favorite Band/s:

Rush, Ozzy, UFO, Iron Maiden, Savatage, Pink Floyd, Dio, Molly Hatchet, QUEENSRYCHE, Wasp, Megadeth, Lynard Skynard, Slayer, Yngwie Malmsteen, Marty Friedman - Guitarist
(To many more - GREAT BANDS - to list)

Favorite Drink/s:
Crown Royal, Corona

I started playing Bass when I was 12 years old, learning to play covers and original music in Florida along with my brother, Chris, Click Here who plays guitar. I also played around in school bands, garage bands, (kinda sucks but we all did and do I guess). I really had, and still have a passion for progressive British rock bands, UFO, The Who, Genesis, Yes and more. Also I love Motley Crue, Kiss, Iron Maiden, and other Heavy Metal bands.

By the time I got into my teens, I started playing in clubs and concerts around the Florida (Melbourne) area that eventually led to me meeting and taking additional training from
Mr. Paul Chapman, former Guitarist for the British Rock Group UFO
, Click Here
In addition to Paulís excellent training, I met and studied under Mr. Chris Vincent for Sheet theory. Chris had a Masterís Degree in classical music from Okalahoma State.

Later on, I attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California with references from the above gentleman. I have also been on more than a few recordings. Currently, I am seeking to move up to higher levels with a top quality band and/or quality studio gigs!


Currently I am avaliable for work as a Bassist here in Los Angeles. From time to time I work as a Bass Instructor giving lessons to beginning students.

Joe Kret Productions
And time permitting, I work with my friend Joe Kret, as a Recording Engineer/Bass player at his studio, a local recording/production/studio in Chino Hills, California.

E-mail Me
If you want or need more info, or a Bio, Demo, I would be glad to accommodate you with the info.. I'm always looking for new and more progressive projects and opportunities in Bass Playing, Touring and recording... If you are a professional or name brand group or studio looking to upgrade or you need a serious session player, please contact me at: 1-909-393-6911 in Los Angeles, California. Thanks for your interest,

Scott Kessler

This page goes out to all the great Bassists out there.

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